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Abdullah Brothers

Gridiron Griots: NFL Storytellers eBook (ePub file)

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Football sages and NFL storytellers, Hamza Abdullah and Matt Ware, come together to offer up this never before seen, Football Anthology; which details the Transition stories of 15 former National Football League Players. From Quarterbacks to Special Teams players, these former athletes describe what it's really like to hang up their cleats as the NFL hangs up on them. 

You've never read a book like this or heard stories as vulnerable as this. 

First round picks, undrafted free agents, long careers, short careers and everything in between.

The glamorous retirement that fans see play out on television and social media are not the real story; this is.

Join the NFL Players' Transition journey as they try and find a new career, identity and life beyond the field.

Each of the 15 players have their own designated chapters that is accompanied by a unique, graphic art piece. They say "a picture is worth a thousand words," but these pictures say a whole lot more.

Where is the NFL when it comes to the preservation and protection of their players after they leave the game? Who can be a better advocate and ambassador of football, than former NFL Players?

NFL Fans have not heard these stories nor have other NFL players. These Players offer up great advice to players that come after them as well as to the NFL and the National Football League Players Association.


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