Welcome to VIP. This space is reserved for individuals who abide by one rule: Want for your brother, what you want for yourself. What exactly does that mean? If you were my brother and I were your brother, how would you want me to treat you? What type of comments would you want me to leave you? Would you want me to only read the first line and dismiss the entire post or would you like me to read the post in its entirety to see where you’re coming from? VIP is a place for human beings to congregate, exchange ideas and build. We are here to build not tear down. Everything said here, you will not agree with. That’s okay. We can agree to disagree, but it’s the way we disagree that bothers me. We have lost the human element of discussion so it becomes a “must-win” debate. I’m not here for a debate, I’m here to educate and learn. I would like to connect on a personal level here. I’m stripping away my mask and I pray you will do the same. I am no superstar, celebrity or machine. I am a human being with feelings and a family. I will try my best to adhere to our only rule. If you feel as though I or someone else is not abiding by THE RULE, please let us know. Privately at first, but if we don’t get it, let us know publicly. Thank you for stopping by the page and welcome to VIP. Here V-I-P stands for “Valiant Individuals Prospering.”


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