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Welcome to the review section on What we will do here is rate, review and document the experiences of the Abdullah Bros, written by me, Hamza Abdullah. I will discuss my experiences as a retired NFL veteran, father and general consumer. We will begin with events related to transitioning from the NFL. These events will include doctor visits, NFL Players Association and NFL Alumni events, as well as returning to NFL stadiums. We will also have things that I’ve done that has assisted me during my transition. We will review books, articles and comments pertaining to transition or any relatable content. I will try my hardest to make sure that I personally experience it. I will try not to relegate these duties to anyone else. If there is an experience that I have not done, but you guys still want to discuss it, then I will note it and either interview someone who has done it or have them write a guess piece. If we’re not able to do that, I will refer you to someone who has experienced the desired topic and you can discuss your views with them.

I am doing this because we receive many inquiries about our different experiences and if we would recommend one thing over the other. We wanted to compile a list and have it available to everyone. The number one topic people want to discuss is Ramadan. They want to know how Husain and I were able to Fast while still competing in the NFL. People from all over the globe have asked us what we ate, how we trained and what secrets they could apply to their own regiment. Here I’ll be able to discuss and review the different products or techniques we used, and rate them accordingly.

I will rate, review and sign off on my different experiences to let you know whether I approve or not. Instead of the five star program where we give things one to five stars, I want to do things a little differently. I will use my name Hamza, H-A-M-Z-A, as the rating system. If I put my whole name on it, that means I signed off on it and I highly recommend it.

This doesn’t have anything to do with being a retired NFL player, but something that I sign off on is the television series Luke Cage on Netflix. I really like the the cinematography, I love the cast of characters, I love the storyline, I love the plot, I love how they don’t glamorize the illegal lifestyle and I love the fact that the main character looks like me. If I were reviewing it, Luke Cage would get the full H-A-M-Z-A. Something I would not sign off on, and this doesn’t relate to NFL players or transition programs either, but it’s important. I wouldn’t sign off on eating at Wendy’s. Wendy’s has to be the worst fast food restaurant in the world. I wouldn’t recommend anyone go eat there. I don’t care if you were dying of starvation. If there’s a country overseas that needed food and a big Wendy’s truck showed up, I would send it back

I would tell them, this wasn’t what we prayed for, and let’s go pray a little harder, a little stronger, a little longer. Wendy’s needs a whole makeover. They need to go through the whole distribution chain and change the way they do business from the ground up. From the grass that the cows eat, to the way they greet their customers when they walk through the door. Change everything. In the case of Wendy’s I don’t even know if they would get an “H.” They would probably get a lowercase “h” because I’m not signing off on that until they right their wrong.

Let me explain my gripe with Wendy’s. One night in Cleveland, I went to get a strawberry shake and they gave me some old yogurt with strawberry sauce on it. It was the most disgusting thing I ever had in my life. Since then, I’ve sworn off Wendy’s. Every chance I get, I’m going to tell somebody not to go there until they rectify that situation. Wendy’s owes me a quality strawberry shake and then we can go from there. Back to what I was talking about.

In this review section, I will focus on things that I’m experiencing in the hopes that retired NFL players can come to the site and see a first-hand account of what I’ve been through. I understand experiences will differ from person to person, place to place, locale to locale and position to position. These are just my opinions on it. This is not the gospel. If you differ, that’s cool, just let me know why and we can discuss it. I’ll try to be honest and accountable. When something is good, I’ll say it’s good. If something needs work, I’ll explain why and how I believe it can be improved.

This is not a bashing site. My intentions are not to demean anyone who is on the other side. I know they’re working hard to to put their best foot forward. This is a place where we hold each other accountable and I hope people come here and say “Hamza we are going to hold you accountable as well.” This goes back to the motto I try to live by: want for your brother what you want for yourself. I want my brother to be the best and I hope they want me to be the best. When I review something I’m going to keep that in mind. I’ll try not to be overly negative or critical, I’ll just try to to state my position. So I know you’re saying, “but Hamza you just trashed Wendy’s!” I did, but like Kevin Hart says, “Let Me Explain.” That was just to get your attention and hopefully make you laugh. I didn’t eat at Wendy’s as a kid, so that’s probably why I don’t eat there. During my wife’s pregnancies I had to make frequent midnight runs to get her a Frosty and fries–don’t ask. I can’t really tell you how good Wendy’s food is or isn’t because I haven’t had it. My wife would probably give it the H-A-M-Z-A and some. Sorry if I offended the Wendy’s lovers out there, but I’m not going to take this too seriously. I want it to be fun.

I hope you like it and I hope it is beneficial. I’ll begin by reviewing something dealing with the NFL but if you have any recommendations or something that you’d like me to review, please inbox me and let me let me know what it is you’d like for me to review and rate. God willing, if I have the time and I’ve experienced it or I will experience it, then I’ll do it. Until then I thank you guys for visiting our site and God willing this will be beneficial to us all. Peace and be blessed.

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