Excerpt from Hamza Abdullah: Come Follow Me regarding the lowly numbers of coaches in the NFL who played in the NFL.

“The system of transition in the NFL is flawed. The reason players are lost in transition is because they have a glass ceiling above them. They can no longer progress. They can no longer advance their studies or distribute the knowledge they’ve acquired during their playing career. I believe there are some organizations and head coaches that are getting it right. It’s about time the rest of the NFL follow their lead.”


Played in the

Played NCAA
Div 1-FBS

NFL Head Coaches


10 out of 32

20 out of 32



16 out of 64 (25%)

44 out of 64

NFL Assistant

198 out of 662

415 out of 662

NFL General

8 out of 32 (25%)

14 out of 32


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