Come Follow Me

A Memoir. the NFL. a Transition. a Challenge. a Change.

by Hamza Abdullah  (Author)

A retired NFL player goes on a journey to find out why NFL players go broke, get divorced and/or commit suicide. What began as misplaced anger transformed into an expedition to accurately assess the perils football players experience when they leave the field of play. In this memoir, Hamza discusses concussions, CTE, PTSD and suicide.

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About the Author

 After being home-schooled for much of his life, Hamza begged his mother to enroll in public school in order to play football. Hamza got his wish and played one year of varsity football before graduating from Pomona High School and accepting a football scholarship to Washington State University. At Wazzu, Hamza minored in social sciences and history while majoring in football. Hamza would go on to graduate with a degree in social sciences and be drafted into the National Football League.

Hamza was drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with the 231st pick in the 2005 NFL Draft. Hamza spent seven years in the NFL, on four different teams. He was a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Denver Broncos, Cleveland Browns and Arizona Cardinals. After the 2011 season Hamza planned to go for the Hajj pilgrimage during the 2012 season and return to the NFL after that. Hamza would go for Hajj, joined by brothers Abbas and Husain, and their parents, but would not return to the NFL. After it became apparent Hamza would no longer be an active member of the NFL, Hamza worked to improve the transition of athletes. With the mantra his mother taught him at a young age, Hamza has dedicated his life to leaving behind a legacy of wanting for his brother what he wants for himself.

In between writing and reading, Hamza has toured the country speaking at some of the most prestigious colleges and universities. Hamza has also been featured on ESPN, CNN, NBC and various other news outlets telling his story and what drives him to be better everyday. Hamza currently resides in Dallas, TX with his wife Alexa and their four children.